Facebook under investigation for using Whatsapp user data

Following the announcement of Facebook that was going to import data from WhatsApp to generate a better service on Facebook and improve – forgive the redundancy – the offers are made both announcements as friendly relations, the Federal Trade Commission US it has decided to start an investigation to determine whether this has been a legal or no movement.

Complaints by many users has been, once again, has been done via opt-out rather than an opt-in by the user and that once moved the information to the database of Facebook, the user had the opportunity to ask to stop sharing that information, but previously had already moved and therefore, all private relations made and maintained by WhatsApp became part of the Facebook profile.


If the user wants to delete this option you should enter settings and disable sharing WhatsApp but it is not clear how much of the information previously moved last in the databases of Facebook and, therefore, associated to the user profile. Something you should set if you want to have the privacy of your WhatsApp bulletproof.


In addition, there are many researchers who have left pretty clear evidence that Facebook was using data maintained by WhatsApp conversations to suggest friendships in social network Facebook more effectively.


We’ll see how it ends this research and if it ends in court or not, as the case is keeping with the European Union on the capture of the URLs of users’ browsing through Facebook widgets that are incorporated into many websites to socialize news through the social network par excellence.

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